first poc of the command server

Sat 04 June 2011

Yesterday I sent out an early version of the command server to the mailing list (patch queue), which included:

  • new option --cmdserver to hg serve.
  • a small Python wrapper, hglib, around the server that can connect to a repository and run commands. Also included is a sample of how real hg commands might look like in the lib, see status().
  • a shell that uses hglib and runs commands against a given repository.
  • last 2 patches are an attempt to integrate the command server to the test suite.

In the next few days I'll be working on:

  • Support for interactive commands.
  • Making more tests pass the testsuite using the command server.
  • Finalizing the command wire protocol and writing it down in a wiki page.
  • Feedback from other devs on the PoC.